A community of learners is a community in which everyone has set his life goals towards continuous learning.

I am not talking about fairy land, it is a very realistic idea!

Imagine what you can do if you are a parent and you could make your children more willing to increase their knowledge ...

If you are an educator and your students have got the idea of how to increase their knowledge without waiting for someone to teach them

If you are just a simple ordinary person and you could recognize how much more you can still learn and benefit, how much would that change your perspective of life?

The basic concept anyone needs to grap is simply "I am ignorant"!

Yes, that's it ... How much do you know? How much knowledge have you accumulated during the years of your life? How much benefit have you gained from that knwledge? How much did you help people with that knowledge? How much more can you do to yourself and to others with that knowledge?

Now, think for a moment, how many people know more that you do in some branch of knowledge or another? Can you still learn more in one of those branches?

If by this time you have aknowledged your ignorance, then you are really ready to learn!

The first question that would pop in my mind at this moment would be, "What should I learn?" There are so many things that I can learn, where should I begin? and how?

These are not trivial questions, and there is no definite answer, however, let's explore some ideas.
Pick the first book your hand reaches in the library and start reading it!
Look for an online seminar (webinar) and attend it!
See if there is a public lecture in your neighbourhood and attend it!
Watch a documentary about something that is interesting!
Call a friend and ask him about something to learn!

Now, stop reading this blog, and start doing something to increase your knowledge!
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