The open academy of knowledge should set its mission very clearly in order to create the community of learners and educators who will build such a huge organization from scratch.

The academy should not be influenced by the current education paradigms. The models upon which the education, worldwide, is built, are proving their inability to accommodate for the growth in the learners community! Well, the community has not really exploded with people, rather, the whole world of learners and educator have come together in one place, at least virtually.

The Mission

The Open Academy of Knowledge will provide the community of learners the facility to communicate knowledge by using the latest technology of the time as well as assisting the learners to develop their knowledge at their own pace and in the direction that best utilizes their capabilities and potentials.

In order to fulfil its mission, the founders of the academy will need to discuss and set plans for the following issues:
  1. Identification of individuals
  2. Assessment of knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals
  3. Creating the network of knowledge modules
  4. Assembling the necessary expertise for the creation of the organization
  5. Continuously identifying the available technology and its potential in knowledge communication
  6. Sustainability
  7. Continuous evolution
  8. ....
The above list is far from exclusive, thus, your input is vital for the continuation of this idea, and the realization of the dream.

To get started, I suggest a number of on-line meetings, discussion forums, WIKI pages. etc... The organization of a conference to get the people who believe in this dream might be another idea for the development of am action plan that can fulfil it.

There exists, currently, a WIKI named Open Academy of Knowledge which maybe used as one of the communication platforms.

Your input and ideas are still needed!
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